Hello my Dear friends! Theme of today’s post you can see in the headline. No-no, it is not my mood; it’s one of my designs name. Of course I could’ve choose something more unique or exotic as a name but I have absolutely no ideas when it comes to choosing designs name. I have to tell you I’m really judgmental when it comes to my designs. I always think something could’ve been better or I could’ve added something else, even after my design has been finished. As about names I have no judgment what so ever. I don’t pay too much attention to designs names.

But this post is not about that... Right after my spring mood design has been released I've become popular in certain embroidery circles. Not immidiately of course but with time.

It all started when I got an offer to create design in my own unique style. I have to tell you a lot of interesting embroidery ideas has been created before me, that is why after discussing an idea with a few knowledgeable people (i'll tell you about them in my next posts. Right now it's all about me and only me))) I decided to proceed with an idea of creating design for joining two different color fabrics together. I wanted the joining to be really sturdy but at the same time hidden behind beautiful embroidery stitches, and at a first sight it must look like regular embroidery. It took me awhile, but I was truly inspired to create something new. I remembered that beginner and advanced level embroiderers would use this design on different embroidery machines with different hoop sizes. It has to be beautiful, and it has to work on any fabric (chiffon fabric, cotton, knit, heavy coat wool, you name it). It took me eight months to finish this project. My family saw just a shade of me all that time))) As a result I created design you can see at this picture (embroidery is not mine though).

Spring mood was used as a design for a big embroidery competition that had over 300 contestants. That is why there are so many pictures with that design in my gallery. Many people asked me if I embroidered all of that on my own. Of course not! I do not need so many items with the same design. All contestants in that competition did a great job in making purses, drapes, clothes, linens, and many other beautiful items. So if you have questions where to use this embroidery just go to my Gallery and surf through all the pictures in it. I bet you will find something interesting for yourself. I have three more designs in the same technique in my store: Flourish #1, Flourish #2, and Frosted Glass. Soon I will add some more; so come to my store and check them.

That’s it for today.


Truly Yours,


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